Power of the County Sheriff is sponsored by National Liberty Alliance which is composed of 1000's of People from every State, who's endeavor is to end governnment servant lawlessness through education.

The cost to purchase 80,000 Handbooks is about $40,000 and the mailing cost is about $20,000. Therefore our Project Goal is $60,000. After achieving our goal, monthly donations should be able to support Sheriffs request for more handbooks, mailing handbooks to other elected servants and project/site overhead.


Thank you for financially supporting Power of the County Sheriff's endeaver to create Constitutional Sheriffs. Donations of $10/month or more -or- a one-time donations of $50 or more will receive a free copy of the Sheriffs Pocket Handbook when we receive the handbooks. To Redeem your Free Handbook you must send us your name, user name and mailing address to

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